Sunday, May 02, 2010


I love taking my children outside to play -- that's not a secret. My IMMENSE fear that one of my kids will get injured outside -- is a HUGE secret!

But I think it's time to let go of that fear!

And for clarification purposes, let me outright state that I really only have fear that my little peanut will get injured. My daughter has always been very cautious and careful, and although she's injured herself here and there, she's generally been accident prone-free. Her little brother -- not so much!

Case in point:

I took peanut to a simple outing to one of our local park while his sister was in preschool. It was a cold day in Colorado (since Spring has been a bit shy this year), and snow was still on the ground.

He was also enjoying out door play, with his gal pal (A.K.A princess Mia). He followed her all around the playground having a great time.

Where is my buddy? I can't see him (says Mia).

Oh...there he is she continued. We all turned, and saw little peanut go down the slide! Weeee!

Oh no! Peanut went for another turn down the slide, but this time he decided to slide down on his stomach, and fell flat on his face! I saw when it happened, but I was too slow to stop him coming down. After he fell, he picked himself up and started running towards me. Initially, I thought he was okay, and even took the time to take a picture (the one above). It wasn't until he came closer tha I noticed that he was in total shock and was not able to cry. I took a good look and I started to panic!


He was actually injured! His face was all scraped-up, and I could see that he was bleeding around his nose and close to his right eye.

He finally found his voice and started to cry. And then he started to wail!

After I was able to calm him down. I reached for the first-aid kit in my backpack. And of course, wouldn't you know it -- it wasn't there! Peanut himself took the kit out of my bag a few days before, and I had forgotten to put it back before heading outdoors. So what to do? What to do? I think that for a moment, I actually stopped breathing! 

Determined to cure peanut's wounds, I took a deep breath and proceded to clean him with baby wipes. Once that was done, I realised that some of the scrapes on his nose would not stop bleeding. Left with nothing else on hand to put on his nose, I dabbed diaper rash cream everywhere he was bleeding. I was amazed...IT WORKED! You can clearly see the cream on Peanut's face in the picture above. 


Ah. Crisis contained, wounds no longer an issue, let's look at some ducks!

Beautiful scene! And it calmed both peanut and I.

Duck tracks.

Peanut's wounds healed just fine, and as terrible as it looked, he currently does not have any visible scars.

Even though I still suffer small anxiety attacks everytime I take peanut for outdoor fun, I tell myself to have no fear and just make sure to bring the first aid kit!


  1. Poor kiddo, still it looks like a great park. Happy Mother's day to you!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Jessa!

  3. Could this child's eyes be any bigger and browner and could he be more adorable....I think not. I hate seeing children get hurt, but it's part of growing up.

    You may want to think about having your blog printed into a book so your children can read it when they're older. There are several places you can do that, but I think one is something like Blog2Print. Maybe you already know about doing that. Just an idea.




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