Sunday, April 25, 2010


This is my second post about Roxborough State Park. It is my family's favorite place to hike! We try to go at least once a month, no matter what the weather is like in Colorado. I think we keep going back because we ALWAYS see and find something new. It's not JUST a hike, it's a marvelous adventure. One year, we saw a rattle snake slither across our path, a friendly red fox, and mule deers galore, all on the same hike!

If you're ever in Denver, I suggest you venture to this amazing park. There are hiking trails for all level of fitness, and you won't regret making the trip!

This is the first rock formation you see upon entering the hiking trails. Beautiful.

Here we go...Obachan (Grandma), is so happy to be outdoors!

This is why my blog is called "the walking stick"'s the first thing the princess gets when she starts a hike. She loves her "sticks".

A scenic shot.

Peanut got curious...he thought he could get his own walking stick from this dried-up brush. Maybe next time, buddy!

Oh look here! What little bird are you?

Oh, you're a Black-Capped Chickadee! Well, you're beautiful and gorgeous, and have an amazing song!

For the purpose of photography, I only focused on one bird, but there were many Chickadees on this tree. They were chirping and they were super-friendly. Apparently, they adapt well to humans being around them, and are a highly recognizable endearing songbirds. We heard them...they sound heavenly-sent!

We continued our trek!

The kids slow us down, but that's okay. They are really enjoying their hike, and playing with their sticks.

At one point of our hike, our little girl wanted me to take a picture of this rock formation. Apparently, it reminds her of her big toe! What an imagination.

A little acorn.

Our journey continues...the landscape is amazing.

Why is daddy taking picture of the princess there?

Oh, she found something. What is it?

Why, it's Mule Deer scat! Great discovery princess! Good to see that you have been studying your scat book. I hope we can find some Mule Deers on our hike!
Let's keep going.

Do you see what I see?

I definitely see something...

OH MY G..!


Mule Deers in the distance! Yay!!!!!!!

Of course, nothing at this point could compete with the discovery of Mule Deers! BUT, my daughter made an observation that really astounded me..."mommy, why is that the only green plant in this area?" . She was referring to the Yucca plant. I have to admit, I NEVER noticed this plant, even though it's actually all over place here in Colorado. It's been everywhere we have hiked...and my daughter was correct, it always looks green. I was so happy to be able to identify it the plant for her, and I'm currently reading about its special pollination process. I think she will love it, since it involves a special relationship with a Moth! I will post more about it once I feel completely versed in the subject. So stay tuned!

I'm still amazed how my 4 year old notice this plant...and we the adults did not. This is why I love taking my kids outdoor! They actually SEE nature. And through their fresh eyes, I get to see a whole new world!

Here's a close-up of the ever-prevalent Yucca Glauca plant. It really is beautiful! DON'T TOUCH though, it's quite prickly (I found out the hard way...ouch!).

It was the end of the hike (approximately 2 of the shortest in the State Park), and my little one was just too tired to keep on going on his own two feet.

Here's a close-up my beloved hubby took of me giving my baby-peanut a lift for the last bit of the hike. We were both exhausted at this point...a sign of a successful family outing!

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  1. What a lovely post. I, too, enjoy chronicling outdoor adventures with my grandson. He always manages to find a walking stick just like your kids.

    The Chickadees are very friendly and if you have the patience, they will land in the palm of your hand for some seed.

    Two miles is quite a hike for your younsters. Bet they slept soundly that night.




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