Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Wow, I can't believe it's been three weeks since I last blogged! I usually try to squeeze in a weekly write-in, but these past few weeks have been busy, busy, busy at our household. Not to mention, we have had quite a ride (weather wise) here in Colorado, with Mother Nature throwing many temper tantrums before settling down. We even got a couple of snow storms thrown in the mix before Spring decided to grace us with her presence.

Despite the weather and schedule challenges, our little family did manage to have some fun in the lovely outdoors. Of course, our fun was a bit restricted, and most of our adventures were in our own backyard, but boy were they fun!!!

Here is a snippet of how our three weeks have been:

 We got some snow overnight, so we decided to "paint" the snow by mixing in some Kool-Aid packets (different flavors gave us different colors), and water in a spray bottle. This is an activity we found in the book "Go Outside"! Of course, by midday, most of the snow started to melt, and only the children's swing-set had snow around it.

 Here they are spraying away. I love how the snow is there canvas!

Of course, it was a matter of time before someone got sprayed in the face! Unfortunately, being the little one, peanut was the first to get it. Poor thing! It's a good thing that it was cherry flavored water!

 Tired of painting snow, my little princess decided she wanted to make us some "PRETTY PIE'! The ingredients: dirt, water, grass, leaves, and of course Kool Aid water! LOL

This is the finished product! Yum , it's Pretty Pie!

 Want some mommy?

 It's really good, I promise! Try it! 

 The kids also dug a big hole in our backyard! And it was not Daddy-approved! Teehee!

They got their clothes really dirty! Not mommy approved...but it's okay.

And they found worms...

...and were so happy with their find!

 We also made it to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo located in Colorado Springs, CO.

 We fed some Giraffes!

Hung-out and expressed ourselves!

Looked at some interesting animals.

And rode a pony!

When the temperature got warmer, we started planting wild-flowers to decorate our balcony.

 The princess and peanut helped sprinkled the seeds.
 Peanut took his turn...and yes, you are seeing correctly -- he's wearing his Christmas themed pajamas in Spring. :-)

 They really enjoyed this activity! They are future gardeners!

We finally started to fill our bird-feeder, and subsequently, we are starting to see more wild birds.

Peanut enjoys looking over the greenbelt close to our house.

 Hmm...what am I looking at?

We went out and looked at ducks! We love the ducks!

The princess enjoyed a brisk walk past the duck pond.

We got some more snow. This is the view from our balcony.

 Nothing to do with outdoors, but a fun time nonetheless...our peanut turned two years old!
Here he is blowing the candles on his "Thomas the Tank Engine" themed cake.
He was so happy to have his friends Kiana and Luke join him on his special day!

The Grandmothers (on both sides) chipped-in money to get him this off-road electric truck.
We were all surprised that he instinctively knew how to drive it. So thank you Baba and Abuela!

His expression says it all! The last three weeks have been quite fun, and tiring.
But nothing short of an adventure in our own backyard!

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  1. I have never heard of painting snow. We don't drink koolade, but I am going to have to pick up some packets and store them with the snowman stuff for next winter!! So many great photos. Happy birthday to your little one. :)

    Oh and I love your labels: backyard, dirt, flowers, holes, etc. too too cute!



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