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Well, this blog took a long time to launch, but I did have an excuse: Life!

Sick children, Winter storms, a new relative moving in (who happens to have a disability), and a traveling husband made my regular home schedule a bit challenging these past two months. In life, you have to prioritize, and unfortunately, this lovely blog had to be put at the bottom of my list.

Not to fret, things have calmed down, and now I can share my passion of sharing my family's nature adventures with the beloved people in cyberspace! Hopefully, henceforward, life will not present me with difficult challenges and I will be able to blog, on a regular basis, the collective experiences of my family's outdoor adventures.


With my excuse out of the way, let me introduce my family: My name is Angela, and I'm currently living in Colorado (in a suburb South of Denver). I'm married to a half-Japanese/half-European (German/English), lovely man. We have been together for over 18 years...15 of those married! We have to beautiful children: Princess - a girl, age 4, and Peanut - a boy, age 2. We are a loving family that loves to spend time outside enjoying nature.
Since I'm the main blogger in our family, let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, to be precise. My family migrated to New York City when I was 3 years old. Since then, I had studied, worked, married my amazing husband, and lived in the "Big Apple", until I was 25 years old. After only being married a year, my husband's job transfered us to the UK, and we lived in London, for five years. We eventually returned to NYC, and lived there for two years, then moved to San Diego, California for four years, and eventually moved to beautiful Colorado, where we are currently in our fifth year.

Mainly, I consider myself a die-hard New Yorker -- an urbanite.

I was raised in Spanish Harlem, and my parents were very protective, and would hardly ever let me play outside. As new immigrants, they were afraid of letting their young daughter outside, in what they consider a "new world". Of course, now that I'm an adult, and a parent, I absolutely understand their decision, even if it was something that bothered me when I was young. They were very protective, and I love and thank them for being so loving, and caring. I wish my childhood would have been a bit different, but I've understood why they made their decisions.


And now I'm a parent.

I have two curly heads, who are funny, energetic, and incredibly smart for their young age. I want to love them, and care for them, the same way my parents did for me. However, I'm going to take it one step further: I'm going to give them the outdoor experiences that I never got to have.

That's actually my main goal in a nutshell.

Nature is a divine gift. There is a beauty, an order, a discipline, that we can find in everything we encounter in the natural world. We see it in the trees, the birds, the flowers, the bubbling brooks, the steady stream of water in a creek, and even the bugs some of us cringe at when come upon them. There is a representation of God (whatever that means to us as an individual), that we cannot ignore. And I want my children to experience it, love it, and to bask in its glory!

And while my goal is to provide this exhilarating experience for my children, my secret goal is that through this blog, I can inspire people out there to provide that same exact experience for their children. So, without any further notice, I will kindly share my family's outdoor adventures, in hopes that my family can inspire yours!

P.S.: Below is my photo essay (no words added or needed), of some of my family's outdoor adventures:

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